Welcome To Bear Friends Forever Ltd

Bear Friends Forever is a magical and special bear stuffing store that

provides a lasting and memorable experience for children of all ages

from 3 to 103.

The concept is very simple, you pick an unstuffed teddy bear or other animal

skin from our large selection, fill your new bear/animal with stuffing using our

child-safestuffing machine and insert your new friends BFF wish heart.

You can customise your bear/animal by picking out clothing and accessories.

Once you have finished that you get a personalised adoption certificate for your

new friend and your own back pack to carry your friend home in.


You get to build your own personalised teddy bear/animal in an interactive

 themed environment creating an unique and creative experience.


Invite a few friends and have your own teddy bear stuffing birthday party at your house.

Never has making a new friend been so easy.